Join us – Tilmeld

Membership of PRRI is open to public sector scientists involved in research on modern biotechnology for the common good. PRRI membership is free of charge.

PRRI medlemmer:

  • are provided with updates on important developments and activities of PRRI;
  • havethrough a personal passwordaccess to themember areas of the PRRI website that contain further background information, internal reports, draft opinions etc (PRRI members who registered before 2015 will need to re-register to obtain a password)
  • are encouraged to be involved in PRRI activities, såsom at deltage i møder og give feedback på papirer;
  • can request PRRI to facilitate in seeking funding to participate in PRRI meetings and international negotiations on biotechnology regulation.

To reduce the likelihood of spam and bogus registrations, the registration process is divided in several steps, to make sure it is indeed you registering, and to make sure that people who register are indeed public sector scientists involved in research on modern biotechnology.

You can start your registration by filling in your name and email address in the form below. Please use for the registration your email address at your institute, to facilitate verification of your affiliation. (Note that after you registration is confirmed, you can change your email address later in your password protected member profile).

After completion of the form below, you will receive a link to your email-address, on which you can click to complete the registration form. Please be as complete as possible, and in any case enter clearly your academic title, og (undercompany”) your institute/organisation, and your department. Use full names of institutes and not abbreviations. Phone nrs need to start with “00” followed by the country nr. Registreringer, der ikke indeholder tilstrækkelige oplysninger vil blive slettet.

Din registrering kan kontrolleres via din instituttets hjemmeside, eller ved at kontakte dig via e-mail eller telefon. After registration, dit medlemskab vil blive gjort ’aktiv’, og du vil modtage en e-mail bekræftelse.

Når registreringen er færdig, Dit navn, organisation og land vil blive inkluderet på PRRI medlemsliste.