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Geschehen, Publikationen, Nachrichten: Öffentliche Wissenschaftler PRRI regelmäßig einen Beitrag zur Debatte um Biotechnologie.

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Oktober 13, 2017

Globale Pflanzen Erklärung des Rates über die Regulierung der Gen-Pflanzen bearbeitet

Executive Summary: The advent of gene editing as a plant breeding method presents important opportunities for making very precise changes in genomes to obtain desired traits or [...]
Oktober 1, 2017

ECJ judgment: EU Member States may not adopt emergency measures regarding genetically modified food and feed unless it is evident that there is a serious risk to health or the environment

Press release of the Court of Justice of the European Union, 13 September 2017 In 1998, the European Commission authorised the placing on the market of [...]
Juli 23, 2017

PRRI letter to the European Commission on the Rule of Law, Better Regulation and the EU GMO legislation

Um: Herr Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission, Mr FransTimmermans, Commissioner for Better Regulation, Interinstitutional Relations, the Rule of Law and the Charter of Fundamental [...]