Mission and Organisation


The Public Research and Regulation Initiative (PRRI) is a world-wide initiative of public sector scientists active in modern biotechnology research for the common good. The objective of PRRI is to provide a forum for public researchers to be informed about and involved in international regulations pertaining to modern biotechnology. The main activities of PRRI are to raise awareness for the need for and progress in public research in modern biotechnology, and to bring more science to the international debate.


PRRI was established as a non for profit foundation on 21 December 2004 in Delft, the Netherlands. PRRI is coordinated by a Steering Committee of public researchers from all corners of the world. The day-to-day activities and communications are handled by the Secretariat.

Public researchers involved in modern biotechnology are welcome to register as a member, so that they can be informed about new developments. Registration is free of cost.