PRRI секретаријат

The Executive Secretary of the PRRI is Dr. Lucia де Соуза, a Brazilian national who obtained her Ph.D in plant biochemistry at the Friedriech Miescher Institut in Switzerland. Таа стекнато искуство во биотехнологијата лансирање на производ и перцепцијата на потрошувачот истражување во Мексико и во Бразил. Lúcia de Souza has extensive experience in teaching and has been actively involved in biosafety since 1994. Од 2005 да се 2015 she was the vice-president of the Brazilian National Biosafety Association(ANBio), кој е група на академскиот професионалци кои се активни во градење на капацитетите и во комуникацијата во областа на биосигурност и своите интерфејси со општеството, регулаторите и другите засегнати страни. Бидејќи 2015 she is affiliated with ISAAA. Lucia de Souza also directs the Switzerland based Cutting Edge Solutions, кој нуди консалтинг во биосигурност и биотехнологија. Луција де Соуза е активно вклучена во активности PRRI, бидејќи 2005.

PRRI is an organisation by public researchers for researchers. Over the years PRRI members frequently volunteered to help on an ad-hoc basis the respective Executive Secretaries with secretarial support, such as updating literature on the website, acting as local organisers for meetings in their countries, selecting suitable accommodation during international meetings, итн.

Во прилог, Piet van der Meer for support and background information to PRRI on regulatory, international negotiation and scientific topics. He is trained as a biologist and a lawyer, и од 1989 да се 2000 he was in charge of biosafety regulation in the Netherlands during which he was actively involved in many international and EU fora. Од 1999 да се 2002, тој успеа на проектот "Имплементација на Националниот биосигурност рамки на претпристапните земји во Централна и Источна Европа", и од 2002 да се 2004 he served as the programme manager of the UNEP-GEF projects on Implementation of National Biosafety Frameworks. Бидејќи 2004, Piet van der Meer works as an independent consultant, primarily providing support on biotechnology and biosafety to international organisations and governmental institutes. Во прилог, he teaches since 2006 biotechnology regulation at the University of Ghent (at the Faculty of Sciences and the Faculty of Law), and since 2014 he teaches the same topic at the Free University of Brussels.