Event: “New breeding solutions for new farmers challenges”, 11 October 2016, European Parliament.

Event: “Unshackling Innovation: Will Europe block or enable GM crops” 27 September 2016, European Parliament
September 7, 2016
PRRI letter to the European Commission on the Rule of Law, Better Regulation and the EU GMO legislation
July 23, 2017

The event was organised by the farming organisations AGPM (France), ASAJA (Spain), Confagricultura (Italy), DBV(Germany), MTK (Finland) NFU (UK), and the Public Research and Regulation Initiative (PRRI)

As the host of the event, MEP Hannu Takkula, explained at the opening, the event aimed to promote fact finding and open discussion about the conditions under which new breeding techniques such as genome editing can deliver crops that can help farmers in the challenges of agricultural production.

The programme, Presentations, Moderator’s notes and links can be found here