Event: “Unshackling Innovation: Will Europe block or enable GM crops” 27 September 2016, European Parliament

Research organisations call upon the European Parliament to encourage respect for independent science advice and to condemn attacks on scientists
July 4, 2016
Event: “New breeding solutions for new farmers challenges”, 11 October 2016, European Parliament.
October 21, 2016

The conference will bring together researchers, farmers, decision makers and other stakeholders from across the EU and overseas to share their experiences and discuss how Europe should deal with GMOs based on science and knowledge. Speakers include Nobel laureate Sir Richard Roberts and World Food Prize laureate Em. Prof. Marc van Montagu. The event is jointly organized by PRRI and EuropaBio (European Association for Bioindustries).

Program and Registration: https://unshacklinginnovation.splashthat.com/.

Presentations: https://prri.net/meetings/past-meetings/2016-09-27-unshackling-innovation/