ASK-FORCE discusses publications about biosafety and biotechnology that have gained much public attention but which are not supported by a clear majority of peer reviewed scientific publications.

The ASK-FORCE initiative, chaired by em. Prof. Klaus Ammann, is a collaborative activity between PRRI the EFB Forum and AgBioWorld. The texts are peer reviewed by a range of well known experts in their field of green biotechnology from the following three organisations: PRRI, EFB and AgBioView. The new ASK-FORCE contributions are sent after reviewing to the members of PRRI, the European Federation of Biotechnology and subscribers of AgBioWorld, they are also mentioned in GMObelus , CheckBiotech and other Networks.

Em. Prof. Dr. Klaus Ammann, Switzerland
Prof. Dr. Selim Cetiner Sabanci University, Turkey
Dr. Dennis Eriksson, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Alnarp, Sweden
Prof. Dr. Hans Holmen, Linköpping University, Sweden
The ASK-FORCE working group is calling for members, who are willing to actively acquire and suggest new topics.