Allow Golden Rice Now – Campaign

PRRI and farmers organisations express concerns about EU GMO policies and regulations
October 17, 2013
PRRI letter to the President-elect of the European Commission about Chief Science Advisors
September 23, 2014

“Golden Rice is a cure for a crisis that kills more people each year than malaria, HIV/Aids or tuberculosis. The actions against genetic modification by Greenpeace and its allies has blocked this cure, resulting in 8 million deaths, mostly among poor children. We believe this is a crime against humanity as defined by the International Criminal Court. Help us end the tragic results of Greenpeace’s blindness to suffering and Allow Golden Rice Now!”

Supported by public researchers such as the inventors of Golden Rice, Dr. Patrick Moore, co-founder and 15-year leader of Greenpeace with a Ph.D. in Ecology, started the campaign “Allow Golden Rice Now” and tours, together with other public researchers, Europe in January – find here their tour dates:

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European Campaign Dates “Allow Golden Rice Now” campaign

January 12, Berlin
January 14, Gatersleben
January 16, Hamburg – Hamburg event on Facebook
January 19, Amsterdam – Amsterdam event on Facebook
January 21, Brussels – Brussels event on Facebook
January 25, Rome – Rome event on Facebook
January 27, Bern
January 29, London – London event on Facebook
February 1, Paris[/box]

Save the dates in your calendar, especially if you are a public researcher – more information soon here and on the campaign website. If you are a public researcher and want to be involved, email the campaign team.