Cisgenesis is the genetic modification of a recipient organism with only one or more genes from a crossable – sexually compatible – organism (same species or closely related species). This gene includes its introns and is flanked by its native promoter and terminator in the normal sense orientation.
To produce cisgenic plants any suitable technique used for production of transgenic organisms may be used. Genes must be isolated, cloned or synthesized and transferred back into a recipient where stably integrated and expressed.

Intragenesis is a genetic modification of a recipient organism that leads to a combination of different
gene fragments from donor organism(s) of the same or a sexually compatible species as the recipient.
These may be arranged in a sense or antisense orientation compared to their orientation in the donor
organism. Intragenesis involves the insertion of a reorganised, full or partial coding region of a gene
frequently combined with another promoter and/or terminator from a gene of the same species or a
crossable species.